AWESODOJO - An Awesome Dojo that's rockin' the MyBrute iPhone game!

Welcome to AwesoDojo!

A hot new dojo that's rockin' the MyBrute iPhone / iPod Touch game!

Are you awesome? Join AwesoDojo by using master code: FDEIJHFE (fdeijhfe) when you create your Brutes.

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About AwesoDojo

The MyBrute AwesomeDojo was Established July 3rd 2009

We are a pretty bad-ass dojo heavily specialized in Feline Jump (Cat Dojo) and Viper Attack (Snake Dojo)!

Tweaked/deleted and restarted our Dojo until we got a Great mix of abilities to share with our pupils and destroy others.

So far we have received numerous weapons and pets along with dominating w/l records!

You want to be part of The Awesome? Join up! Don't believe the kiddies that try to tell you you're guaranteed Pets or a choice of pet or any of that garbage. It' BS. The AwesomeDojo won't lead you astray. =)


Come on and BE AWESOME! use master code: FDEIJHFE

Enjoy the following EXCLUSIVE benefits:

==> Bonus experience points for 3 days

==> Special powers, all the better to crush your opponents with!

==> An exclusive arena for taking on your opponents.

Send us your Brute Roster!

Let the world know your brutes are descendants of the mighty AwesoDojo! (we'll add a list to the site soon!)

About the MyBrute iPhone game from bulkypix

My Brute is a crazy, off-the-wall game of combat that gives you the chance to challenge fighters from all over the world.

You simply take on a series of challenges, gain experience, unlock new skills and crush your enemies with ever-greater speed.

My Brute is easy to access and allows you to:

  • Create and personalise up to 8 brutes.
  • Invite other players to become your pupils.
  • Open your own dojo and find yourself a master worthy of this title.
  • Fight up to 5 opponents a day.
  • Discover and master more than 70 skills and weapons.
  • Unlock up to 8 battle arenas
  • Have discussions with other players from around the world via Open Feint
  • Challenge your friends on Facebook Connect


get MyBrute from iTunes